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    Century Insurance was an absolute delight to work with when we signed up for our home owners insurance. We were so impressed with their professionalism and the service that Century offers we switched all of our insurance with them. Century is smart, easy to work with and goes above and beyond to find the best coverage for you and your family at an affordable rate.

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    Truck Insurance Iowa City


    Truck Insurance Options to Consider

    As a truck driver – or a trucking company owner – you need to do what you can to keep your fleet as safe as possible from various problems. For example, you may need the best truck insurance Iowa City, Iowa has to offer. Thankfully, you should be able to find a large number of policies that meet your needs. The following insurance options are among the most popular and widely appreciated on the market today. Choose one or more to ensure that you are fully protected whenever you drive.

    Physical Damage Coverage

    This type of coverage will protect your physical health from various kinds of damage. For example, if you get hit by another car and need your commercial vehicles protected, this option will help. Beyond that, it also covers a myriad of other issues that may cause some car problems.

    For example, if your cars are damaged by fire or experience theft damage, this type of coverage can help. In many ways, this is one of the most basic types of policies you can buy. That said, it is an option that is more than worth the price that you might pay for your insurance.

    Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

    One common type of truck insurance that may not get a lot of attention from many is non-trucking liability coverage. This option is often not considered because truckers may not use their vehicles for non-business reasons. However, if you ever do, you need this policy to keep yourself safe.

    For example, if you use any of your commercial vehicles on your day off – such as if your delivery truck is your standard vehicle – and you get in an accident, this type of policy can help. It can also help to protect you if your workers also engage in non-business activity with a work truck.

    Limited Depreciation Coverage

    When driving a truck, you are naturally causing a deprecation in its value. And even when you don’t drive, it starts losing value. So what happens when you get into an accident and you still owe money on the truck? You are likely to get its actual value back – not what you initially paid for it.

    However, limited depreciation coverage can help you out here. This coverage is a type of gap insurance that fills in what your other policy does not. It will pay up to what you owe on the vehicle after your different policy covers its real value. On rigs that cost nearly half a million dollars, this is a huge deal.

    Motor Truck General Liability Insurance

    When your truck experiences an accident, there may be widespread damage that can be devastating and hard to manage. Thankfully, you can use liability insurance to protect yourself. This insurance option works to protect your vehicle, your drivers, and you from any lawsuits that may result if you don’t drive carefully enough and cause a serious accident that injures others or damages their property.

    The type of policy available will vary based on many factors. For example, some trucks need more specific liability due to the size of their hauls. When you have a very large haul, different types of liability potentials pop up. Just as importantly, your policy will vary depending on the company that writes your plan. So talk to your insurance company to learn more. In this way, you can get the best overall insurance that you need and at a price that is more than affordable for your overall needs. Some companies may even provide a discount based on the number of trucks that you cover with their policies.

    Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

    Whenever you go out on a haul, you need to protect your freight or commodities. This policy option will help to make sure that all of the items that you haul are fully protected. As a result, you will be covered if a hauled item gets damaged during a wreck, fire, or other situations.

    For truck drivers, this truck insurance option can be a big deal. Many truckers end up experiencing severe financial loss when their vehicle crashes in a haul, and they must replace the cargo. You will also get protection for legal defenses and any other freight charges that your customer loses during the haul.

    On-Hook Coverage

    There may be a time when you have to rent or temporarily borrow vehicles from others to get your business done. In this situation, you may end up experiencing an accident or suffering damage that can be financially hard to manage. Thankfully, this type of policy is available for you.

    It extends to repairs and replacements of any vehicle not owned by your business that gets damaged during operation. This protection includes fire, theft, explosion, vandalism, and collision. The full coverage will vary depending on the vehicle, so make sure to read the fine print very carefully.

    Optional Downtime Coverage

    When your truck is broken down or being repaired, you need coverage that helps to make sure you don’t lose any money. This problem can occur if you can’t do any hauls or if your haul capacity is limited. Thankfully, optional downtime truck insurance can help you in this situation.

    Any time that your truck goes into downtime periods, it can keep you financially secure and protected. You won’t get a total loss coverage, per se, but will get some compensation until your track is back in working order. Some policies may help to pay for repairs but talk to your provider about this fact to learn more.

    Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

    Similar to downtime protection, this insurance option will help you when repairs arise on your truck. However, downtime policies usually go into effect more when your vehicle is simply not being used. For example, if you cannot drive on an ice road during a particular season, downtime policies help.

    While these policies also help compensate you during repairs, it is more beneficial for out-of-pocket expenses you may have for your truck. These situations include paying for repairs, any lost income, and much more. Again, talk to your insurance provider to learn more about what to expect in this situation.

    Find the Policy You Need

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