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    We are a full-service insurance agency that gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Our services span from Auto, Home, Recreational Vehicles, Water Sports, Commercial Business, General Liability, Professional Liability, Transportation, Workers Comp, Farm and Crop Insurance. We also have markets for specialty products. Our office locations include Sigourney, Kalona, and Fairfield, Iowa. We can find a solution for any individual, family, or business to put you on the path to exceed your goals! View all of our services for more in-depth descriptions on the insurance provided.

    The experts at Century Insurance are licensed in 14 states and expanding, so please contact us to meet your insurance needs and exceed your expectations.


    Century Insurance was an absolute delight to work with when we signed up for our home owners insurance. We were so impressed with their professionalism and the service that Century offers we switched all of our insurance with them. Century is smart, easy to work with and goes above and beyond to find the best coverage for you and your family at an affordable rate.

    Kasi C.

    Very willing to go above and beyond for people!

    Candi H.

    Gary and his team at Century Insurance have been wonderful to work with! Not only do I get great service with him and his company but I also get great coverage at a great price. They walked through the policies to make sure I had adequate coverage and thoroughly answered any questions I had. Gary is an excellent insurance agent and I would highly recommend Century for all of your insurance needs!

    Hayley H.

    Insurance Agents Near Me in Fairfield


    What to Seek Out In Insurance Agents Near Me

    Great insurance agents don’t come cheap and can help you get the best quality policies that you need for your home, life, or auto needs. So when seeking out insurance agents near me in Fairfield, Iowa, make sure that you consider the following factors. Doing so will ensure that you get the best possible policies that cover your needs without draining your bank account.

    Working With Your Needs First

    Great insurance agents near me are professionals who do what is necessary for your needs. Now, don’t forget that they ultimately all work for their financial gain and want to make money. That’s just the name of the game in this situation. However, that doesn’t mean that your agent won’t do what is necessary for your help. In fact, they should strive to satisfy you as much as possible with their policies.

    This step s a wise one because it helps to create customer loyalty that makes them more likely to retain your business for years to come. Just as importantly, these steps also make sure that you are prepared to handle any difficulties that come your way. So make sure that your agent is ready to do what is necessary for your needs and is more than capable of fighting for what is right at the same time.

    Willingness to Talk to You

    The toughest part of working with many agents is dealing with poor communication. Some simply don’t know how to explain policies or the ways that they impact your financial situation. Therefore, you need to take the time to find somebody who does understand this ability. They can help sort through any confusion that you might feel and will do what is necessary to keep you focused.

    For example, they can detail the differences between your policies in a way that makes sense to you. Then, they can discuss other aspects of your insurance that will influence how much you pay. Fully grasping your co-payments, premiums, and more can help you better understand what you’re getting. And it can improve your appreciation and satisfaction with the policies that you do get.

    Great Listening Skills

    Although excellent communication skills may imply the ability to listen, that isn’t always the case. For example, you may have an agent who can fully explain your policy, but who doesn’t take what you have to say seriously. This situation can be very frustrating because they keep trying to push you to buy plans that you don’t want or otherwise affect the overall value of your insurance in many ways.

    For example, you need insurance agents near me who are willing to listen to what you want from a policy without forcing you to buy something that may not suit your needs. They must also be willing to listen to what you have to say about other factors, such as how much you can afford to pay and more. So be careful with who you trust in this situation to ensure that you get the best overall results.

    Great Experience

    The insurance field is often filled with a large number of wannabes who have yet to make their mark. This situation can make it very hard to find somebody who you can trust to have your best interests in mind. That said, you can do a little research and find an agent who has credibility in their field. Typically, you want to find somebody who is not only credible but capable of great work.

    For example, your agent should be respected by others in their field. They should also have all their credentials updated and as secure as possible. Finding a great agent in this way often requires you to take the time to research what types of credentials and licenses are necessary for your area. These experts can then do what is needed to ensure that you get the high-quality policy you need.

    The Ability to Sort Through Complicated Issues

    Insurance is not always a simple situation. For example, you may end up with a lot of paperwork or other types of concerns that require a professional to fully understand. Therefore, you need to seek out an expert who truly understands the necessary organization of these elements. By working with these experts, you can make sure that you don’t struggle in complex situations that would otherwise overwhelm you.

    For example, insurance agents near me need to be capable of sorting through complicated paperwork and challenging legal issues in a streamlined and straightforward way. Next, these experts must do what they can to fully understand your needs and how they can balance them with legal problems and other issues. Thankfully, just about any agent should have some skills here, but need a effective organization to improve the process.

    Do What You Can to Get Help

    If you’re struggling to find insurance agents near me in Fairfield, Iowa who you feel like you can trust, please contact us at Century Insurance today. We have years of experience working with people like you and will do what we can to ensure you get the best possible policies for your overall needs.