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    We are a full-service insurance agency that gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Our services span from Auto, Home, Recreational Vehicles, Water Sports, Commercial Business, General Liability, Professional Liability, Transportation, Workers Comp, Farm and Crop Insurance. We also have markets for specialty products. Our office locations include Sigourney, Kalona, and Fairfield, Iowa. We can find a solution for any individual, family, or business to put you on the path to exceed your goals! View all of our services for more in-depth descriptions on the insurance provided.

    The experts at Century Insurance are licensed in 14 states and expanding, so please contact us to meet your insurance needs and exceed your expectations.


    Century Insurance was an absolute delight to work with when we signed up for our home owners insurance. We were so impressed with their professionalism and the service that Century offers we switched all of our insurance with them. Century is smart, easy to work with and goes above and beyond to find the best coverage for you and your family at an affordable rate.

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    Very willing to go above and beyond for people!

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    Gary and his team at Century Insurance have been wonderful to work with! Not only do I get great service with him and his company but I also get great coverage at a great price. They walked through the policies to make sure I had adequate coverage and thoroughly answered any questions I had. Gary is an excellent insurance agent and I would highly recommend Century for all of your insurance needs!

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    Commercial Insurance Fairfield


    The Greatest Commercial Insurance Choices

    As a business, you need insurance to stay safe. Thankfully, the best commercial insurance in Fairfield, Iowa can help here. The following options will protect your company and keep it durable for years to come. Just as importantly, many of these plans will also ensure that you don’t run into any business interruption, which can be very devastating to your bottom line if you aren’t careful.

    Protect Your Property

    All businesses have a large amount of property and belongings that they need to keep safe with insurance. Property policies help to pay for any damages to real or personal property in your business. For example, it would cover problems caused by fire and other types of destructive elements.

    This type of insurance can fall under many different headings. That’s because damage can be so specialized and unique to a business based on what services or products it offers. Just a few that you may want to purchase for your company include the following commercial insurance options:

    • Boiler Insurance – This option helps to protect you if your company’s boiler breaks down and you need it to be fixed to keep your business moving
    • Machinery Insurance – Helps to protect you if other types of equipment break down or are damaged due to fires – will help pay for business interruption losses
    • Debris Removal – When fire, floods, wind, or earthquakes damage your business, debris removal policies help to pay to get rid of these elements and keep your business safe
    • Builder’s Risk Insurance – This option is one that you probably only need to understand when your building is being built – once it is done, you no longer have this policy
    • Glass Insurance – As you can imagine, this insurance helps to protect you from broken glass and pays to remove, replace, and repair any in your business

    All of these options are critical as a way of protecting your building and your business property. Don’t forget that there may be other options that you may want to consider. For example, inland marine insurance helps to protect any property that you may have in transit or on someone else’s property.

    You may also want to consider business interruption insurance, ordinance insurance, and tenant’s insurance. Each provides many benefits that help to keep your company safe. For example, commercial insurance for tenant’s help to keep your rented building or equipment safe from damage.

    Insure Yourself Against Criminal Activity

    Other types of policies that you may want for your business include those that protect you against crime. These options will kick in when your employees commit crimes against you or in your name. They also help to keep you financially sound if people outside of your company try to commit crimes against you. Just a few options that you can consider for your needs include:

    • Theft – Make sure that your business thefts are fully insured to minimize any loss that you may experience when this crime occurs
    • Vandalism – Get this type of commercial insurance to protect your company against the cruel and reckless acts that may impact your bottom line
    • Computer Hacking – Computer protection helps to protect your business from identity theft and any other crimes that may be committed via a computer
    • Stock Issues – If you have an employee who steals from your stocks and bonds, high-quality crime insurance can minimize your potential losses
    • Fidelity Losses – Bond companies often need this coverage option to protect themselves from the damage of property or money caused by a bonded employee
    • Other Crimes – You may want policies that protect you against other crimes committed by your employees or against you, such as assault and sexual violence

    As you can see, these policy options are an excellent choice for many different businesses. So talk to your provider to learn more about what to expect here. They can help you better understand what you need to pay for each of these policies. Then, they can give you a better understanding of other elements of this process, such as the overall price you should pay for such coverage and protection.

    Protection for Business Liability

    Lastly, you need some commercial insurance for potential liability issues. This problem is particularly a concern for any business that may actively serve the community. For example, taxi companies need liability insurance to protect them in case a driver causes an accident. These policies will pay for any damages or injuries that the driver caused and will ensure that you get the best results possible for your overall company needs.

    This protection goes beyond this situation, though. Just as importantly, you need liability for any people who may visit your facility. For example, you need this policy to protect you from any accidents that may occur on your property. This coverage will help to pay for the legal fees and medical costs of anybody who gets hurt due to your company.

    In this way, you can avoid expensive lawsuits. And if you get stuck with a hefty bill, an umbrella liability policy can make sure that you get the extra cash that you need for your business’ needs. So talk to an insurance provider about your possible liability coverage and reach out to them to learn more about how you can pay for these plans and keep yourself protected.

    Don’t Neglect This Need

    So if you need high-quality commercial insurance in Fairfield, Iowa, please contact us at Century Insurance today. Our experts have years of experience in the field and will do what is necessary to make sure you get an excellent policy. Even better, we strive for excellence and fairness in our pricing and will ensure that you don’t have to pay too much for a plan. That’s our promise to you.