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    Century Insurance was an absolute delight to work with when we signed up for our home owners insurance. We were so impressed with their professionalism and the service that Century offers we switched all of our insurance with them. Century is smart, easy to work with and goes above and beyond to find the best coverage for you and your family at an affordable rate.

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    Gary and his team at Century Insurance have been wonderful to work with! Not only do I get great service with him and his company but I also get great coverage at a great price. They walked through the policies to make sure I had adequate coverage and thoroughly answered any questions I had. Gary is an excellent insurance agent and I would highly recommend Century for all of your insurance needs!

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    How to Find Small Business Insurance for Your Needs

    Running a small business can be an enriching experience. However, it can also be very disappointing or confusing if you run into complications. Thankfully, the best small business insurance Fairfield, Iowa has to offer can help. These policies will give you the chance to protect your business and minimize any of your losses at the same time. This benefit is huge for your company, as it can save you from the kind of devastating financial loss that may set you back years or even trigger a bankruptcy.

    How Small Business Insurance Helps You

    This type of insurance is designed to keep small businesses like yours from suffering the adverse effects of a variety of different problems. First of all, it can help you from liability claims as a result of somebody getting injured on your property. These claims can be quite devastating to your bottom line and will require an insurance policy that ensures you don’t lose too much money in a lawsuit.
    Liability will help to pay for these lawsuit claims by covering most, if not all, of your court and damage claims. For example, it will cover the costs of defending you from a lawsuit and the ultimate award that you have to pay. In this way, property damage is somewhat similar. It will help to pay for any business loss that you may experience as a result of burglaries or damage from problems like water.
    Just take these statistics into mind to understand why this is so important – around 40 percent – or four out of every 10 – businesses will be burglarized during a period of five years. These costs can be as high as around $8,000, but may go even higher. That kind of loss is something that you can’t tolerate for longer than necessary. Instead, you need to get damage help to keep your property safe

    Issues Your Policy Covers

    When you get small business insurance, you are protecting yourself from a wide variety of losses. These losses should be fully understood before you buy any policy. That’s because you can often tweak your plan to include specific elements and facets that make it more useful for your needs. Just a few of the hazards that it covers include property damage, income loss, workplace injuries, data breaches, and liability claims.

    As we already talked about liability and property damage, let’s examine the other elements now. Income loss protection helps you when you lose the ability to operate due to property loss. Note: the property loss must be covered by your policy for income protection to go into place. Workplace injury protection helps to pay for your employees’ medical bills if they are injured on the worksite.

    Data breach protection is relatively new but is often essential protection for the modern business. That’s because these breaches can cost you thousands of dollars or more when they occur. For example, someone could hack into your system, get the personal information of your clients, and use it for financial gain. With this coverage, you can protect yourself and others and ensure that you don’t experience costly financial losses.

    Don’t Forget to Protect Your Property

    Many business insurance types help to cover property damage, a facet that we have already covered a little bit so far. However, you can also find comprehensive protection that is designed for specific needs. For example, you can get boiler insurance if you have one of these machines in your facility and you want to make sure that it can be replaced if it gets damaged. This specialized protection is often essential.

    However, you may also have more generalized equipment that you also want to keep secure and safe from damage. This type of machine insurance will cover all of your equipment in your facility and prevent it from breaking down. When it does, your policy will kick in to help cover the costs of repairs or replacements. Thankfully, these policies are usually easy to add a more general plan if you want to keep them as beneficial as possible.

    How Umbrella Policies Help You

    Lastly, if your small business has experienced multiple problems and you want to make sure that nothing wrong results from it, you should get umbrella policies. This type of business insurance is essential for companies with a significant liability risk. That’s because they will pick up the cost where your standard liability policy ends and help to ensure that you don’t experience a real financial loss.
    For example, your standard liability plan may only have a $50,000 coverage limitation on lawsuits. Once you reach that level for the year – or if you get in a lawsuit that costs more – you’ll have to pay out of your pocket. However, an umbrella policy will help to kick in and cover the difference for you. This process includes paying for the extra money that you would have to pay for your lawsuit.
    However, umbrella policies also help to cover elements such as court costs and other payments. These policies help to keep your business running more smoothly during serious lawsuits. They may even pay for problems like lost income, if needed, during such court cases. Thankfully, you can usually add an umbrella policy to your standard liability by only charging a little extra for the plan.

    How We Can Help

    So if you want the best business insurance in Fairfield, Iowa for your small company, please contact us at Century Insurance today to learn more. Our experts have years of experience working with high-quality policies. They also understand how to transform your coverage into plans that work for your needs. So please make sure to reach out to us to learn more about this process. We look forward to working with you and helping you find the insurance that you need.