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    Pay-Per-Mile Auto Insurance: Should You Consider This Option?

    When trying to find the best auto insurance Iowa City, Iowa has to offer, you may run into some complications that make this process more difficult. For example, you may not fully understand all of the possible options available to you. In this way, Pay-Per-Mile insurance stands alone. Few people even know about this plan and the ways that it could potentially save them a significant amount of money.

    The Nature of Pay-Per-Mile

    Pay-Per-Mile or Pay As You Go insurance policies are an auto insurance option that a large number of providers have experimented with over the past few years. The idea is quite simple – you pay for your insurance based on the miles you drive. This option is often a great one for a large number of people, particularly those who don’t drive very often. However, this option is still not used very commonly by many people.

    There are a few reasons for this lack of success. First of all, many people drive too much and would end up paying more if they used this policy. Secondly, not a lot of drivers even know about this option. That’s because it is still relatively new and has yet to become a successfully-marketed policy option. As a result, many have considered this policy something of a failure by comparison to other types.

    That said, there are many benefits that make it more than worth your consideration. Fully understanding these benefits – and if this policy is an excellent choice for you – can help you decide if you want to invest in this option or not. So please read on to learn more about Pay-Per-Mile insurance to learn more about how it works and the ways that it could potentially help you save money.

    The Benefits of This Insurance Option

    This type of auto insurance is becoming more widely available but is still not utilized as much as fixed-premium types. However, the benefits still make it worth your consideration. When you get this type of policy, you will always get the same kind of coverage you would with fixed-premium plans. However, you also get benefits that make it an excellent choice for your needs, such as how it will:

    • Decrease the Number of Miles You Drive – If you are concerned about the environment, this insurance policy option is the right choice because you’ll naturally drive less
    • Fit Your Lifestyle Better – Those who work from home, are retired, or rarely drive a vehicle may appreciate this type of insurance policy for their driving needs
    • Help Those with Limited Incomes – Many people with lower incomes cannot afford fixed-premium insurance, but they may find it easier to use Pay-Per-Mile plans for their car’s coverage needs
    • Lower Your Bills – When you switch to this insurance policy, you have the chance to save upwards of $300 per year or more if you follow your typical driving patterns
    • Reduce Wear and Tear Damage – Driving your vehicle less will help to keep it from getting as damaged as it would if you have other types of insurance policies and don’t worry or think about mileage
    • Protect Specialized Cars – If you own cars that are used for specific situations, this type of policy is great because it will cover you fully but be much cheaper than other types of policies

    These benefits make Pay-Per-Mile policies the right choice. Many people put this policy option on a seasonal vehicle, such as a summer car, or autos that they don’t drive very often. Doing so dramatically decreases their premiums without affecting their overall coverage. Before you buy this insurance option, though, you should make sure to understand is downsides.

    The Downsides of This Policy

    The benefits of this auto insurance policy make it hard to believe that more people don’t use it. However, the downsides do detract from their appeal quite a bit. Simply put, these plans are nowhere near as widespread or as fully understood as fixed-premium options. Therefore, there is often a lot of confusion about how they work and the benefits that they may provide. Just a few downsides that you can anticipate when buying one of these policies include how:

    • Payments Can Be Hard to Predict – If you want a predictable payment level, you shouldn’t get Pay-Per-Mile plans because your rates will change potentially monthly if you aren’t careful
    • Regular Drivers May Pay More – Those who regularly drive – such as salespeople or those with a long commute to work – should not get these policies because they may end up paying more
    • Sometimes Limited Availability – Though an increasing number of companies are offering this auto insurance option, it is still often harder to find than other policies like it on the market
    • Potentially Limited Coverage Options – The newness of these plans means that you may struggle to find one that meets your needs or that seem appropriate for your driving situation

    These downsides may outweigh the benefits of Pay-Per-Mile plans for some drivers. The standard fixed-premium model is still the most popular choice because drivers get a predictable rate that makes it easier to plan. However, those who don’t drive very much – such as those who drive less than 30 miles per week – may want to consider this option if it is available in their state. Doing so could end up saving them a surprising amount of hard cash on their insurance.

    Do You Want This Policy Option?

    Does Pay-Per-Mile auto insurance in Iowa City, Iowa sound useful to you? If yes, please contact us at Century Insurance today to learn more. Our providers can help you better understand these policy types and others like it. Just as importantly, we can reach out to you and others to find a great way to save and to keep your costs down as much as possible as you shop for your next auto policy.